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"The God She Knew"


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The God She Knew

Knowing God's names is critical to our comprehension and application of the strength and victory that come through his multidimensional nature. God’s true name is chosen and revealed by God himself. We do not tell God who he is; he tells us. God has his own naming rights, and this is a sign of his sovereign authority and unending power. The names of God carry his essence, his character, his truth, and his traits. God cannot help but being who He is. He is immutable, never changing, doesn’t lie and every word that he has promised has and will come to pass. God wants to reveal his name to us, God wants us to come face to face with his significance and substance, we see this in Isaiah 52:6 where he states, “I will reveal my name to my people, and they will come to know it’s power” only then can we start to comprehend all He does and is for us. 
How can we say we love, serve, and live for God is we don’t know him. Not knowing God in the majesty and authority of all his names cripples our purpose and corrupts his plans. I for one refuse to have these truths be written of this Tribe and this generation. 
“And there arose another generation after them who did not know the Lord or the work that he had done for Israel” - Judges 2:10. 
“My people perish because they lack knowledge” - Hosea 4:6
Objectives of the Course:
1. Learn as a Tribe Who God Is through his names. 

2. See how we Grow in love, grace, truth, power, and relationship with God through his names. 

3. Show through our lives the evidence of God’s names to others. 

"The God She Knew"

Section 12 - "Jehovah - Nissi"
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Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica has a heart for women. Her personal mission is "To equip and elevate women to find their unique voice and use it to change their world" She has held various leadership positions both in business and in ministry. With over 14 years in both public and private sectors of experience in management, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. Managing projects and teams in Expert Marketing, Northwestern Mutual and other Faith Based Organizations. Veronica holds a BA in Ministerial Arts and Leadership from Mizpa University, an ABA from MATC, she completed the McKinsey Leadership Academy Management Accelerator Program, is a member of TEMPO as an Emerging Women Leader and The Women’s Employee Resource Group Communications Director at NM.


Veronica serves as a teacher, preacher, speaker, content creator and leader in her local Church, JETS Ministries.

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