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We of More, Inc

Digital Product License


The Parties:


This Digital Product License Agreement, hereinafter "the agreement," is entered by and between We of More, Inc, hereinafter “the Licensor” and Licensee (You) hereinafter “the Licensee”, collectively the “Parties”. 


This Agreement will take affect Today. 



WHEREAS, the Licensor intends to transfer certain rights pertaining to the Digital Product, description attached, and the Licensee intends to license such rights.

WHEREAS, the Licensor, under the terms and conditions of this Agreement, grants the Licensee the rights enumerated in this Agreement for their mutual benefit.

THEREFORE, the parties agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement for the consideration acknowledged by the parties.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Licensor permits the Licensee the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Purchased Digital Product. Except for the following, the Licensee shall not make use of the Digital Product.

    • Advertising and promotional purposes

    • Make flyers, posters, and tear sheets

      • Tear sheets are only allowed if you are a We of More Tribe Leader.

    • Magazines, books, websites

    • Video, Movies, broadcast

    • Edit the Digital Product in anyway.

    • Use content without the We of More, Inc trademark.

  2. The Licensee agrees that the right enumerated in this Agreement are only license rights, and it should not be taken as an assignment.

  3. The Licensor retains all rights, license, copyright, ownership, and title of the Digital Product.

  4. Licensee, neither during the force of this Agreement nor on its expiration, acts in a way to challenge, alienate, invalidate or impair the rights of the Licensor in this Digital Product.

  5. Licensor warrants that, Licensor holds the rightful title of this Image and all rights attached to this Image, including copyright and right to license.

  6. The Digital Product is free from any legal liability and third-party rights.

  7. This Agreement shall automatically expire in the following circumstances:

    • Licensee abrogates any clause of this Agreement

    • Assigns, conveys, sells, or licenses any rights associated with the Digital Product described in this Agreement.

    • Licensee uses the Digital Product in a way not expressly approved by this Agreement.

    • The Licensor decides to terminate the agreement.

  8. Any dispute to this Agreement will be tried under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

  9. If any provision of this Agreement becomes invalid or non-competent in a court of law, the rest of the Agreement will not be affected.

  10. This Agreement may not be modified except in writing with the consent of the parties to this Agreement.


By purchasing you are in Agreement to all the Terms and Conditions mentioned above.

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