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The Lord Restores those who keep their faith in HIM

Updated: Jan 16

The day to day, the situations and tribulations that we face can take control of our mind and our emotions. How easy at times these can attack us and discourage us to the point of coming to believe the lies of the enemy that he uses to distract us from the purpose and plan that the Lord has for our lives! It is in these situations of tribulation that we realize the impact of the decisions we make.

We can reason on the consequences of our weaknesses as human beings and the limitations of our abilities, this becomes a spiritual opposition. But the Bible tells us that God uses our experiences to teach us new things. It is when He works in us allowing us to go through situations where He is polishing us while putting us through a test to refine, strengthen and purify us.

Sometimes in these tests we experience losses. And I am not referring only to material losses but also to the losses of loved ones, projects, etc. that touch our lives in an impressive way and that from one moment to the next become a memory, either because their cycle has ended, passed away or were just passing through.

No matter what your loss is today, let's remember Job's example! A man of integrity and devoted to God who, after having everything and having been protected by God, he and his house for a long time, from one moment to the next, he loses everything! His possessions, family, friends and respect. The enemy hates the upright and just, so he insisted to God that Job only served him for selfish reasons and that if he were to take everything away from him, he would curse him. God gave Job an opportunity to show the enemy that he was wrong. He allowed the enemy to take everything from Job but not physically hurt him. When his ten children died, Job suffered a lot but he never cursed God! He continued to worship him. The angry enemy assures God that if he touches Job's health this time he will curse his name. After all these tribulations, Job did not curse God even when his wife, already angry and devastated by the loss of their children, told Job to curse God, a woman who would never have done that before.

If we realize the enemy wants every human being to be selfish, he affirmed that human beings cannot be upright, and that we do not truly love God and that as soon as He stops blessing us we will stop believing in Him. But; Proverbs 27:11 tells us; Be wise, my son, and gladden my heart so that I can respond to those who challenge me. Among all this suffering of Job, there were people who hurt him a lot by telling him that everything that was happening to him was the cause of something bad, that he committed some hidden sin and that God was punishing him. But despite everything Job's faith was deep and showed that integrity is shown every day, reflecting in his day to day, his way of living. Job avoided all idolatry, he treated his neighbor with kindness and dignity. He was always loyal to God and said that he would never give up his integrity until the day he died. But Job eventually lost his balance and became so focused on defending his reputation as a just man that he forgot to defend God's. Even so, God was merciful and faithful, had compassion on him and showed him his mistake. Not only that, but also after a time of trials, God restored Job! And restored everything for him! In fact, "the Lord gave Job double what he had before" plus gave him more years to live!

If you are going through a moment of trial and you feel that you can no longer do it in your own strength.. You only take one step forward and then take three steps back, if you have lost something that was very valuable to you; remember that God will never allow a loss without a purpose. And remember that we cannot do it with our own strength. First, because the strength is given by him and second, because without him it is impossible.

Everything that happens through and in our life has its purpose and some kind of teaching, either for better or for worse, that will be for our spiritual growth. With God everything is transformed for good! It's all part of our testimony. We can be sure that we have his favor and his blessing if we serve him loyally and accept any biblical correction we receive. By honoring God, our faithful conduct at some point will be rewarded and will help prove that we serve him not for selfish reasons but out of the love we have for him with all our hearts! Remember that God has not abandoned you! He is always the same! And is with you forever!

In every situation, try to be faithful to the work He has called you to do. Stand firm on the promises of His Word. Living grateful and focused on the blessings that God gives us is the best way to close the doors to the enemy from any attack or distraction that he wants to put in our way.

Whatever you're going through don't let doubt or despair control you! Do not give up! Based on the authority in the Bible, you can be sure that God has not forgotten about you! Continue to stay faithful, sowing seeds for his Kingdom and reaping! Look for Him at all times! Seek to serve Him! Give thanks and take advantage of every resource that the Lord gives you, put your trust in Him who blesses you! He restores everything that at some point you lost or gave up and will reward you for your faithfulness and your obedience.

Estephanie Guillen-Garde

Assistant to CEO - We of More Inc.

Communications Team Lead

Outreach Team Lead

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