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Restored Heart

Updated: Jan 16

As I am sitting here thinking about the word Restore, all that I can think about is an old piece of furniture, being repurposed, polished and re-used. I can say he has restored me from the past and used my mistakes for his glory, just like someone would do with that old piece of furniture.

JOB 22:23 Reminds us, if we return to the Almighty, you will be restored, so clean up your life.

As a rebellious child, I made so many mistakes and bad decisions along the way, this passage reminds me that there is nothing impossible for GOD. He restores, reshapes and re-polish us when we come wholeheartedly to him. Wholeheartedly, that is the key, His restoration starts from the inside out, from the heart. He already knows everything about us. We just need to come to him, confess and surrender it all. Believe me, He is able to Restore you completely.

Mayra Martinez

Events Lead

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