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“A heart of Gratitude Unleashed”

Updated: Jan 16

Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart. - Colossians 4:2

As I sit here and think back on my life all I can do is thank God because I have a wonderful husband, good friends and a wonderful church family. I am blessed.

My life is not perfect but as I sit and look back I thank him for getting me and my family through very difficult moments. We’ve experienced loss, sickness and darkness but we’ve also seen the hand of God carrying us through it all and that’s why my heart is thankful.

In the midst of our ordinary day, let's not forget to take time throughout the day to thank God for being our peace, our comforter, our healer and have communication with him through prayer.

Damaris Paszkiewicz

Tribe Member

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