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Updated: Jan 16

We were made to live in community and with connections and we need to feel loved and connected every day. Relationships are the most important area of a person's life; they can make us or break us.

God himself desires to love and be loved. We’re created in His image, so it’s in our DNA to desire to love and be loved. We have the same yearnings for connection with another being that He has, and the same potential for love that He does. Relationships can be our source of greatest joy or greatest pain if there's anything more powerful than physical illness or injury it's the emotional ache of a human heart in the throes of rejection, pain, and broken promises.

Every relationship you are a part of influences your life, there are no neutral relationships. Each one lifts you up or weighs you down, it moves you forward or holds you back, it helps you or it hurts you.

Veronica Rodriguez

CEO, Founder of We of More Inc.

& Mujer de Más.

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