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What is the 24 hours of Worship?

As a Tribe each month, we will dedicate 24 hours of non-stop worship to the Lord. We recognize worship is:


  • A part of our identity - John 4 

  • our RESPONSIBILITY - Psalm 100:2-3

  • Our weapon - 2 chronicles 20

As a Tribe member, what can I expect? 

You can expect each month:

  • A mini lesson on Worship with different biblical truths; what it is, what it unlocks, how to use it, how Jesus used it and what worship reveals and pleases the heart of God, authored by our CEO and including nuggets of worship from different Tribe Members.

  • A playlist with 24 songs that focus on worship

Let's get started!

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24 Hours of Worship

Written By: Veronica Rodriguez

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