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DNA of a Godly Woman: The traits Woman are made of.   


There is no space for half-truths in God’s kingdom or in our lives if we are filled with THE TRUTH.

We all do. Yes, listen beautiful woman, you are not the only one. We all do. We’ve all made half-truth’s part of our DNA. What we fail to realize is that half-truths are our adversary’s language and his favorite trait to use on us. God words says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge “My people perish because they embrace half-truths. Embracing half-truths corrupts our DNA and for women it is destructive. The enemy has spoken to us women two very specific half-truths:

1. That we are different, so we must stand divided, in our uniqueness and in our own power.
And many of us embracing this half-truth do, we stand up and are fueled, more like fooled by the words of the anthem “All the women that are independent, throw your hands up out here” (or something like that) We throw up arms, more like we throw up barriers and keep at a distance the same women God designed for us to be united to for his purposes.

2. That we are very similar, so they don’t need me.
And many of us, embracing this half-truth do, we shrink to fit and delegate to others what we know God is calling us to do, drowning his design with conformity and apathy, leaving us deserted and distraught.

“Without the revelation of our Designer, we are destined to rely on distortion”



Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica has a heart for women. Her personal mission is "To equip and elevate women to find their unique voice and use it to change their world" She has held various leadership positions both in business and in ministry. With over 14 years in both public and private sectors of experience in management, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. Managing projects and teams in Expert Marketing, Northwestern Mutual and other Faith Based Organizations. Veronica holds a BA in Ministerial Arts and Leadership from Mizpa University, an ABA from MATC, she completed the McKinsey Leadership Academy Management Accelerator Program, is a member of TEMPO as an Emerging Women Leader and The Women’s Employee Resource Group Communications Director at NM.


Veronica serves as a teacher, preacher, speaker, content creator and leader in her local Church, JETS Ministries.

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