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About the Course

The Renewed Woman:A New Mind, A New Heart & A New Life.

During this 5 Session Course, we will discover how to live a life of victory from a place of Renewal.

As Renewed women, living this new life, with a new heart and a mind renewed by an inward reformation, because we have a relationship that is sustained by deep communion and staying firmly rooted in Jesus.

We will follow the lives of 3 women that received a new mind, a new heart and a new life through the amazing Power of Jesus Christ. The message of their life, will help us answer questions we struggle with within our own lives:

1. Do we know what we receive as the Renewed?
2. Do we really believe we are Renewed?
3. Are we actively living Renewed? 

Our hope, expectation and prayer is that you see your life transformed and become with them, one that can say; I am no longer the same, the old has passed, right here and right now, I am made new. Like her... I am Renewed.



Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica has a heart for women. Her personal mission is "To equip and elevate women to find their unique voice and use it to change their world" She has held various leadership positions both in business and in ministry. With over 14 years in both public and private sectors of experience in management, team building, professional development, strategic implementation, and company collaboration. Managing projects and teams in Expert Marketing, Northwestern Mutual and other Faith Based Organizations. Veronica holds a BA in Ministerial Arts and Leadership from Mizpa University, an ABA from MATC, she completed the McKinsey Leadership Academy Management Accelerator Program, is a member of TEMPO as an Emerging Women Leader and The Women’s Employee Resource Group Communications Director at NM.


Veronica serves as a teacher, preacher, speaker, content creator and leader in her local Church, JETS Ministries.

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